E-Commerce Solutions

             E-Commerce websites give you the ability to sell virtually anything online. You can have a simple one page Ecommerce website selling a few products, or a multi-scale website selling 1000’s of products. There are millions of E-commerce sites on the internet, big and small. With so much competition, how do you envision your site to thrive in such a competitive market?

E-Commerce Website Design

We have devised a list of the most common mistakes in E-Commerce Design. If you avoid these common mistakes you will save time and money.

15 Most Common E-Commerce Website Design Mistakes

1. A lack of detailed product information
2. Hiding Contact Information
3. A Long or Confusing Checkout Process
4. Requiring an Account to Order
5. An Inadequate Site Search Engine
6. Poor Customer Service Options
7. Tiny Product Images
8. Only One Product Image
9. A Poor Shopping Cart Design
10. Lack of Payment Options
11. Not Including Related Products
12. Confusing Navigation
13. Not Including Shipping Rates
14. Not Including Store Policies
15. Not Putting Focus on the Products

The main goal with creating an E-Commerce website should be to convert customers and to make them into repeat customers. If you avoid the 15 most common mistakes above you will be well on your way.

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