Digital Records Management

            The paperless office is increasingly becoming something to strive for. And as we’re working from home, going paperless in favour of a digital record keeping system can benefit a business in many ways...

It is not an understatement to say that digital records have overtaken the modern workplace. From word processing documents, to spreadsheets and databases, to email, and to web applications, everybody works intensively with digital records in one form or another.

For any employees who deal with paperwork or data—especially in large volumes—being able to easily and quickly access the information can help them be more productive. Any time that’s spent searching for a missing file is wasted time, which is an unwanted cost to the business.

Digital record keeping is a great step forward for making information easy to search for, find, retrieve, and edit, without having to move a step. Files are never removed from their location, because it’s all recorded digitally, so lost files become a thing of the past.

Benefits of good digital records management:

•   Improve Data Safety and Security : Keeping data safe and secure – especially sensitive data – is a high priority for any business.
•   Standardised Workflow : Once all data is being saved in the same digital location, it becomes much easier to make sure every employee is performing tasks and filing documents in the same way.
•   Improve the Workplace Environment : Switching to digital storage and record keeping could help you access useful office space, by allowing you to get rid of filing cabinets and other document storage.
•   Going Digital Gives You Many Avenues for Improvement : Depending on your current setup, you could gain a wide range of benefits simply by digitising your existing files, and opting for a paperless system.
•   Reduced risk of adverse legal or regulatory actions, and Preservation of appropriate digital records for historic purposes.

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